Tuesday, January 15, 2013

JAITools and Jiffle go to GitHub

After moving the JAITools and Jiffle sources from Subversion to Git a while ago, we have now gone further down the well-trodden, cool cats road and transferred the source repositories for both projects from Google Code to GitHub. The main reason is to take advantage of GitHub's pull request facility and make it a lot easier for people (ie. you) to contribute to the projects.

Both projects will stick to the simple repository structure that we have been using at Google Code, with two permanent branches:

master for development (which we try to keep buildable)
releases which we branch off master for each formal release.

Additional feature branches may sometimes be present but will always be temporary (ie. eventually merged into master or discarded).

To get the code:

    git git://github.com/mbedward/jaitools.git
    git git://github.com/mbedward/jiffle.git

All issues from the Google Code tracker have been transferred to the GitHub tracker (minus any attached files).

Share and enjoy !

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