Friday, June 24, 2011

JAITools version 1.2.0 and Jiffle version 0.2.0 released

JAITools version 1.2.0 and Jiffle version 0.2.0 are now available. These are the first versions under the new org.jaitools domain and the first to be covered by Simplified BSD licence (aka BSD-2)

If you use Maven as your build tool, see the notes below on upgrading to the new versions.

You can download binaries manually from Maven Central directly at or by using the Maven Search interface.

Version 1.2.0 is a minor release with a large number of fixes and improvements, better unit test coverage and more comprehensive javadocs. In addition, there are the new image iterator classes SimpleIterator and WindowIterator which were previewed here in earlier posts.

To download the JAITools source code using Subversion:
    svn co jaitools-1.2.0
You can browse the API docs at:

Version 0.2.0 is also a minor release aligned with JAITools 1.2.0.

To download the Jiffle source code using Subversion:
    svn co jiffle-1.2.0
You can browse the API docs online at: draft Jiffle user guide is here:

Upgrading from previous versions
  1. In your source code, edit all JAITools and Jiffle import statements and add the org.prefix. For example:
    import jaitools.imageutils.ROIGeometry;
    import org.jaitools.imageutils.ROIGeometry;
  2. If use you Maven as your build tool, edit your project pom.xml file and change the groupId for all JAITools and Jiffle modules from com.googlecode.jaitools to org.jaitools. For example, the dependency for the jt-utils module will now look like this...

Coming up next

The wiki on the JAITools Google Code site is sadly out of date, so the next item on the todo list is to replace it with Sphinx-based documentation at

Meanwhile please try the new versions and give us your feedback via the mailing list or by tweeting to @JAITools.

Share and enjoy.

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